Week 1 – Classmate Interview – Evan Huang

It was the magical morning of August 28th, 2014 when I met this young chap by the name of Evan Huang. Evan Huang aka my brother from anotha motha is a sophomore in CSULB. He is currently majoring in CRIMINAL JUSTICE! Like many of us, Evan is a commuter to CSULB from Pasadena/Arcadia. This past summer Evan has ventured to the mystical parts of Taiwan! Evan and I both share a common similarity, we are both Asian Americans!! Even though we are both asian Americans,  I’m way more white washed than he is.. I’m what what you call a twinkie… haha.. yellow on the outside and white on the inside. . Anywho, Evan likes doing outdoorsies
stuff and he also teaches tennis! Evan and I ended our bro date with BOBA at the food trucks that were on campus!!

Shout out to Evan Huang if you’re reading this,  ily bro~ till next time!



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