Week 1 – GLAMFA Artist – Ava Porter

What is art? Some may say art is the essence of human consciousness that is captured in a physical form in things such paintings, sculptures, media, ideas… Art can be interpreted multiple ways, for me I’d like to say art is slightly comparable to a Rorschach Test aka an ink blot test. Art speaks to people differently despite what the artist may be trying to express.

On August 28th, 2014 roughly 11:15 am I had the pleasure of attending the Greater LA MFA Exhibition hosted in CSULB. In the exhibition there were many pieces of art on display yet only a few pieces had that wow factor. Out of the few that had the wow factor,  only one piece gave me the DOUBLE WOW factor. This piece was called “Grandfather” by Ava Porter.  This piece literally left me thinking “wow!!, what the hell is this supposed to be?!”

My interpretation of the piece:
The artist was trying to express through her sculpture how age can still be relevant in a newer period. The oldness of the wood was important for its uses during a different era and even now it support and help.. I believe that’s why she named her sculpture “Grandfather”…

Ava Porter




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