Week 5 – Activity – Counterfactual Identity

Week 5’s activity was an interesting activity. This week we had to morph our identity into something we don’t normally depict ourselves as. Normally I would dress casually with some pants and a t-shirt or sweater… Instead, this week I decided to change things up, on Thursday I decided to come to school dressed in a white tank-top, a white beanie, and workout gloves. I decided to ask a classmate, Mimi Ly, about my identity. Mimi told me I looked like a thug/rebel who’s name is Rodger. She said I looked like I was an undeclared major… I guess that makes sense since thugs/rebels usually seem to have no direction in life… hahahaha…. whateves Mimi~ This project was really interesting since in society image is everything. Imagine a gangster/thug who dressed decently in something like a fitted suit and tie, people would immediately create a bias towards the person as being well educated professional who is more acceptable and approachable in society. Self image is very important since psychologically people generally create stories to match a common stereotype before really getting to know the person. People do this not because they want to but because it is more of defense mechanism that tells them what is safe and what isn’t. This activity really portrays how society can judge so heavily on looks before knowing the true facts. It was very a good experience learning that just by changing something so simple, your whole identity could change along with it.



Week 5 – Classmate Interview – Denzel Belleza

This week I interviewed a stud muffin who goes by the name Denzel Belleza. The first time hearing his name I immediately though Denzel Washington. What a bad ass name!! Denzel is a freshman majoring in Engineering. He is a local from Long Beach and attended Robert A. Millikan High School. The cool thing is, I also went to Millikan High School, class of 2012 WOOOT!! It’s sooo cool finding people that went to your high school since I don’t really find that many people who have went to the same high school as me in Cal State Long Beach… If students are from Long Beach, they’re usually from Poly… The first time I saw Denzel was back in the summer of 2014, one of my homies was DJ’ing for CSULB’s Break Dancing Tournament and I just so happened to be there to help him out with his DJ’ing set. It was at the Break Dancing Tournament where I first saw Denzel. Funny how the universe works eh? Anyways flash forward a few months and I see the same familiar face in my art class. It was nice to finally meet Denzel and get to know him.


Week 5 – Artist Interview – I-Tan Wong

Week 5 of CSULB’s Marilyn Werby Gallery brought me to the work of I-Tan Wong. Wong sadly was not there to talk about her work in person but talking to her representatives, I learned more about the meaning behind her work. What really got my attention in this piece of art was the fact that the woman in the picture resembled my mom and seeing the art cracked me up… Wong’s portrait depicts her mother decorated and expressed in different forms. The picture that really grabbed my attention was the portrait where Wong’s mom was covered in googly eyes all around her face. Her mom didn’t seem very thrilled about the googly eyes but it seemed really funny to me… Anyways after looking at this piece, I asked the curators about the art work, I learned Wong’s intentions. Wong wanted to depict her express her mom in different ways because she believes her mom is a surrogate of herself. Wong believes that she reflects her mom’s philosophies and ideals. In a way, Wong is a representation of her mom and her mom is a representation of her. I believe that in a sense Wong is correct. We are all in a way a reflection of our parents and the way our parents are shapes our own personalities and images. At first I was glad to see such an interesting portrait and not know the meaning behind it. After learning the meaning behind the portrait, I loved the way Wong expressed her art even more!


Week 4 – Activity – Plaster Cast

This last Friday September 19th, 2014 Denzel, Irene, and I journeyed down to Sunset Beach to make casts out of plaster. Denzel met at my house at around noon – ish. We then headed over to Ace Hardware to buy some plaster for the project. At around 1:30 – ish we met Irene at Sunset Beach to start our project. I decided to dig an very deep hole to cast my whole leg while Irene dug a somewhat smaller hole for her leg and Denzel dug a hole to cast his hand. I learned I shouldn’t have dug such a deep hole since I had to dig three times as much to dig my plaster cast out… Anyways while we waited for our plaster casts to harden, Denzel dug a chair for himself while Irene and I chilled. After finishing the project Denzel and Irene went back to my house and we had a bbq with some of my other friends.  I think it was a pretty good day 🙂





Week 4 – Classmate Interview – Mimi Ly

This week I interviewed Mimi Ly! Mimi is freshie in CSULB majoring in psychology! I met Mimi during week 3 where Mimi, Denzel, and I went out for lunch at Red Palace after art class. Mimi is a smart, funny, and outspoken half Vietnamese/Chinese girl who enjoys going to school, working, and hanging out with her boyfriend as her “hobbies”. I wouldn’t really say those are hobbies but whatever haha.. Mimi  works as a hostess at Gen, a korean bbq restaurant in Huntington Beach. Gen is a pretty good kbbq spot but it’s a bit on the pricier side. I’ve only been to the Gen in Tustin which I believe is the original.. I heard HB Gen isnt as good.. no hate though 🙂 We both prefer places like Red Palace (she likes Mr. Lee’s tooo, ewwwww…) , since we’re all about that brisket life. Ohhhh this last week we got lunch after art class at the Nugget too, Mimi ordered chicken tenders and I ordered some tacos.. Those tacos wernt worth.. anyways i told Mimi about chicken fries~ Apparently she’s never heard of chicken fries.. Girllllllll you need to upgrade yo life and stop by Burger King and order yo self some of that heavenly chicken! Mimi is awesome haha, she never finishes her food so there’s always extra food for people hahha. Anyways I hope to learn more about Mimi though out the semester! ~



Week 4 – Artist Interview – Maccabee Kelley

This week’s journey to CSULB’s art museum brought me to the work of Maccabee Kelley. Kelley art work is create using glass from bottles and other things. With the glass, the artist melts them together into different shapes and forms. Kelley describes her artwork as a analogy of life. Things break down and are changed, formed into something new, something foreign to what it once was. Kelly’s artwork depicts life and all the changes that happen. Kelly’s artwork is beautiful in
a sense that it’s significance is the story it tells. At first glance I didn’t know what the artwork was but after reading the artist’s deacription, it was became clear and very poetic.



Kickstarter Film Festival

2014-09-13 19.26.13

This is my first Film Festival and it proved to be a success. The Kickstarter Film Festival held in Griffith Park, Los Angeles  created an environment where entrepreneurs could come out and display their ideas for people who wanted to see an idea become reality. Kickstarter is a essentially a medium through which artists/creators could display their ideas and essentially have donators who also wish to see their vision come true. This year, there were many booths on display and one of my favorite Kickstarter ideas has to be the “Carpool”. I don’t really think this was a Kickstarter idea but it is definitely awesome. Imagine having a mobile pool in your car where you could drive to your friends house or a In-n-Out and just swim while eating burgers! Anyways I’m glad i went out to this event, it was really cool seeing people passionately living their dreams. 😀


(Carpool, “The World’s Fastest Hot Tub”)


(Me, Evan Huang, Greg Violan)