Week 2 – Activity – Instagram

10683944_544746195657653_453172404_s 10632478_701403306605214_684408790_s 10624365_334444796730238_232332147_n

Left to Right ( raachelpengamgart110jessicaflores1994)

In this week’s activity we are supposed to take pictures during a 24 hour period and upload them to instagram using hashtag art110f14. Instagram is an app that allows users to share their lives with followers of the world nearly instantly. I choose the three pictures above because of their differences. The first photo shows a beach setting where the individuals probably spent some part of the day at the beach relaxing. The second picture shows an a person who probably went to In – N – Out and visited the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro. The third picture shows an individual driving with her best friend on her lap. All this pictures are in essence a moment of the day instantly uploaded and shared. The connection between these photos is almost insignificant. The insignificant of these pictures is the point.. even though people are at some point in the day interacting with each other, they are also going to be living different lives. We may be sitting in a lecture hall from 4:30 to 5 but from 5-6 we may all be out experiencing the world very differently from on another. What this activity has shown me is how very different every single on of us are. We all live together on one dimension but in reality everyone’s reality is different.


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