Week 3 – Artist Interview – Patricia Rangel

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing artist: Patricia Rangel aka “Tricia”. Tricia grew up in a loosely populated town known as Dinuba in the Central Valley of California. This town has has a very strong influence towards Tricia’s work. A lot of her displayed art has deep connections to her memories of her town and her experiences. My favorite piece of art from Tricia has to be her piece called “A racehorse that has never won a race”. Physically, this piece consists of around 50 brass links and one 14k gold link. At first, this may not be of any significance but after talking with Tricia, I learned that each link honors every baby buried at Smith Mountain Cemetery which is in her home town. The one gold link honors her sister. I ask Tricia how many links there really are and she tells me that as of right now it contains around fifty but this piece is still incomplete. There are still links to be added on. I really liked how each piece of Tricia’s had such deep meaning even though at first they may not have any meaning. Tricia’s art is by far my favorite so far!

Patricial E. Rangel




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