Week 3 – Classmate Interview – Celine Phan

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing a beautiful lady by the name of Celine Phan. Celine is currently a freshman majoring in Biology. She was born and raised in Fountain Valley. She wants to one day become a veterinarian because she loves dogs. Both Celine and I own dogs, she has a Maltese mix and a Chihuahua Terrier mix and I own a JINCHURRRRU. Personally I like bigger dogs like my baby JIN-CHURRRU. Anywho, Celine has about two favorite foods, KBBQ and ICE CREAM. Ironically, she also works at an awesome little Italian ice cream place called Zero Degrees on Bolsa and Brookhurst! (double stamp me PLS!!) She insists on me trying the “zerito” which is supposed to be a burrito ice cream… The photo of it looks pretty whatever but i’m sure it tastes ! Ohhh her favorite ice cream flavor is taro!! We have a common trait now! I love taro and green tea and sometimes mint chocolate. Celine like to shop (doesnt everyone!?!) and when i ask her about online shopping, she tells me how her mom gets mad at her when she orders clothes online since it might not fit and then she’d have to return it.. That’s the cons of shopping online ;( (convenience vs. clothes fitting). #firstworldproblems… Anyways after I interview Celine, a couple of other classmates wanted to get KBBQ at Red Palace in Cerritos. Sadly Celine couldn’t go since shes too basic and couldn’t skip her Chicano studies.. just kidding though.. but next time we should definitely go!



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