Kickstarter Film Festival

2014-09-13 19.26.13

This is my first Film Festival and it proved to be a success. The Kickstarter Film Festival held in Griffith Park, Los Angeles  created an environment where entrepreneurs could come out and display their ideas for people who wanted to see an idea become reality. Kickstarter is a essentially a medium through which artists/creators could display their ideas and essentially have donators who also wish to see their vision come true. This year, there were many booths on display and one of my favorite Kickstarter ideas has to be the “Carpool”. I don’t really think this was a Kickstarter idea but it is definitely awesome. Imagine having a mobile pool in your car where you could drive to your friends house or a In-n-Out and just swim while eating burgers! Anyways I’m glad i went out to this event, it was really cool seeing people passionately living their dreams. 😀


(Carpool, “The World’s Fastest Hot Tub”)


(Me, Evan Huang, Greg Violan)


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