Week 3 – Activity – Kickstarter

Drinkmate is such an awesome idea. The concept is that the individual could take with him/her a little device that fits into the pocket and could be used to detect how intoxicated you are. This is a really good idea since there are tons of people out there who drink everyday and drive. This little gadget could discourage them a bit and prevent them from making even worse choices. As a college student, i think this also a very good idea for those students who drink.. (of age of course.. haha) Having an instant breathalyzer really does give people wake up calls. if really does tell a person how badly they are intoxicated and this is a must have item for everyone.

Here is my Kickstarter idea with Celine Phan

Our idea basically is to create way to essentially have one friend charge another friends phone with their phone. For instance you would have one friend with 10% battery and another friend with 90%. One friend could give their other friend some of their battery life to the dying phone.


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