Week 4 – Classmate Interview – Mimi Ly

This week I interviewed Mimi Ly! Mimi is freshie in CSULB majoring in psychology! I met Mimi during week 3 where Mimi, Denzel, and I went out for lunch at Red Palace after art class. Mimi is a smart, funny, and outspoken half Vietnamese/Chinese girl who enjoys going to school, working, and hanging out with her boyfriend as her “hobbies”. I wouldn’t really say those are hobbies but whatever haha.. Mimi  works as a hostess at Gen, a korean bbq restaurant in Huntington Beach. Gen is a pretty good kbbq spot but it’s a bit on the pricier side. I’ve only been to the Gen in Tustin which I believe is the original.. I heard HB Gen isnt as good.. no hate though 🙂 We both prefer places like Red Palace (she likes Mr. Lee’s tooo, ewwwww…) , since we’re all about that brisket life. Ohhhh this last week we got lunch after art class at the Nugget too, Mimi ordered chicken tenders and I ordered some tacos.. Those tacos wernt worth.. anyways i told Mimi about chicken fries~ Apparently she’s never heard of chicken fries.. Girllllllll you need to upgrade yo life and stop by Burger King and order yo self some of that heavenly chicken! Mimi is awesome haha, she never finishes her food so there’s always extra food for people hahha. Anyways I hope to learn more about Mimi though out the semester! ~




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