Week 5 – Activity – Counterfactual Identity

Week 5’s activity was an interesting activity. This week we had to morph our identity into something we don’t normally depict ourselves as. Normally I would dress casually with some pants and a t-shirt or sweater… Instead, this week I decided to change things up, on Thursday I decided to come to school dressed in a white tank-top, a white beanie, and workout gloves. I decided to ask a classmate, Mimi Ly, about my identity. Mimi told me I looked like a thug/rebel who’s name is Rodger. She said I looked like I was an undeclared major… I guess that makes sense since thugs/rebels usually seem to have no direction in life… hahahaha…. whateves Mimi~ This project was really interesting since in society image is everything. Imagine a gangster/thug who dressed decently in something like a fitted suit and tie, people would immediately create a bias towards the person as being well educated professional who is more acceptable and approachable in society. Self image is very important since psychologically people generally create stories to match a common stereotype before really getting to know the person. People do this not because they want to but because it is more of defense mechanism that tells them what is safe and what isn’t. This activity really portrays how society can judge so heavily on looks before knowing the true facts. It was very a good experience learning that just by changing something so simple, your whole identity could change along with it.



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