Week 5 – Artist Interview – I-Tan Wong

Week 5 of CSULB’s Marilyn Werby Gallery brought me to the work of I-Tan Wong. Wong sadly was not there to talk about her work in person but talking to her representatives, I learned more about the meaning behind her work. What really got my attention in this piece of art was the fact that the woman in the picture resembled my mom and seeing the art cracked me up… Wong’s portrait depicts her mother decorated and expressed in different forms. The picture that really grabbed my attention was the portrait where Wong’s mom was covered in googly eyes all around her face. Her mom didn’t seem very thrilled about the googly eyes but it seemed really funny to me… Anyways after looking at this piece, I asked the curators about the art work, I learned Wong’s intentions. Wong wanted to depict her express her mom in different ways because she believes her mom is a surrogate of herself. Wong believes that she reflects her mom’s philosophies and ideals. In a way, Wong is a representation of her mom and her mom is a representation of her. I believe that in a sense Wong is correct. We are all in a way a reflection of our parents and the way our parents are shapes our own personalities and images. At first I was glad to see such an interesting portrait and not know the meaning behind it. After learning the meaning behind the portrait, I loved the way Wong expressed her art even more!



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