Week 5 – Classmate Interview – Denzel Belleza

This week I interviewed a stud muffin who goes by the name Denzel Belleza. The first time hearing his name I immediately though Denzel Washington. What a bad ass name!! Denzel is a freshman majoring in Engineering. He is a local from Long Beach and attended Robert A. Millikan High School. The cool thing is, I also went to Millikan High School, class of 2012 WOOOT!! It’s sooo cool finding people that went to your high school since I don’t really find that many people who have went to the same high school as me in Cal State Long Beach… If students are from Long Beach, they’re usually from Poly… The first time I saw Denzel was back in the summer of 2014, one of my homies was DJ’ing for CSULB’s Break Dancing Tournament and I just so happened to be there to help him out with his DJ’ing set. It was at the Break Dancing Tournament where I first saw Denzel. Funny how the universe works eh? Anyways flash forward a few months and I see the same familiar face in my art class. It was nice to finally meet Denzel and get to know him.



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