Week 9 – Activity – V-Log

Okay so this week’s art110 activity had us create videos of ourselves to show ourselves to the viewers of our websites. I didnt really know what i wanted to say so my cousin and sister decided to make a little video since we were bored ahah.


Week 9 – Classmate Interview – Marlene Gonzalez

This week I interviewed Marlene Gonzalez. Marlene is currently a 3rd year majoring in Child Development. She is an aspiring preschool teacher. Marlene doesn’t really have any hobbies and doesn’t really do much in her spare time. She does like to hang out with her friends. Marlene is a mix of Mexican and Guatemalan. She is also a commuter from Downey. Marlene is probably the second junior ive met in art class so that is also pretty cool~


Week 9 – Artist Interview – Myra Flores

This week’s walk through CSULB’s art galleries brought me to this really nice ceramic pot made by Myra Flores. I think the ceramics are really cool and I kinda wish I took a throwing class just for fun ;( I have seen a couple videos on YouTube on people making pots and it’s just really really really cool how they make them. It definitely requires a lot of hand eye coordination as well as creativity to make something that beautiful out of nothing. A while back, I watched a really cool video on this Korean master pot maker.


Week 8 – Activity – ePortfolio

This week in art class we had to create an ePortfolio about ourselves. I didn’t change my blog layout since I liked that way it looked to begin with. I recatgorized all my posts into Artist Interviews, Classmate Interviews, and Activities to make it easier to search. I don’t really have a target audience so I supposed this is just a fun blog to express myself. I decided to write an my “about” page for other art 110 students to cheat off of and get quick info hahaah.. I really have no idea what to do with my blog page, i guess i’ll figure something out the longer i have this..

Week 8 – Classmate Interview – Steven Le

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Steven Le. I met Steven through a mutual friend, Mimi Ly. Steven went to the same high school as Mimi, La Quinta. Steven and I have actually go though tons of stuff together so I guess you can call us blood brothers πŸ™‚ In week 7, we ventured down tho Venice Beach Art Walls to tag our names! Steven is currently a freshman, 18, attending CSULB and majoring in Pre-Computer Engineering. Steven’s favorite food is pasta, he doesn’t really have a favorite type of pasta so I guess its safe to assume he likes all pasta, doesn’t discriminate on food, i like that in a person πŸ˜€ Steven’s favorite book isΒ Tipping point by- Malcolm Gladwell ,he don’t really watch movies , and Tom and Jerry is his favorite tv show. Steven is also ranked Diamond V on League of Legends which is really cool cus he can carry me, since I really really really suck at League. Steven is really chill and doesn’t really talk much but then again he’s a freshman and all freshmen don’t really talk much. Hopefully I get to open him up more cus hes seems really down to earth~


Week 8 – Artist Interview – Manny Krakowski

This week’s walk through CSULB’s art galleries brought me to an artist who’s work is quite unique. Manny Krakowski employs in his art neon light that is bent and displayed in front of a visual. Krakowski’s art doesnt really make any sense to me, it the most bizarre and irrelevent piece ive had seen so far in this gallery. I read his Manny’s artist statement and i still really dont have a clue as to what it he is trying to say. Art really is relative to the individual.. I guess i chose this piece since it was really cool that it lit up hahaa.. Neon is soo cool…


Week 7 – Activity – Painting

This week’s activity involved spray painting our names in bubble letters. On Saturday, Denzel Belleza, Steven Le, an I carpooled down to the Venice Beach to paint our signatures into the Venice Beach Art Walls. The journey there was quite painful, we a met at around 10:30 AM and from then I drove to find a Home Depot to get some spray paint. After that, we headed down to Venice Beach. The drive to Venice was pretty boring since I was starving but we made it! Parking at Venice Beach was almost like a hustle. I was pretty exhausted from driving so I just picked some random parking lot to park and the price they listed was $25!. I was like HELLLL NAWWWWW, F*CK THAT. I got back in my car and drove behind the alley right around the corner right there was another parking lot right next to the beach that only charged $10. RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, A $15 PRICE DIFFERENCE..SMH…. Anyways, we finally made it the the Venice Beach Art Walls and did some scribbles. I painted my name twice.. cus the first time i painted my name it looked like crap… the second time i painted it, it still looked like crap… GG…im not cut out for this life HAAHAHAHAH… It was still really cool to see all the tags people have made. I felt really bad for having to spray over other people’s tags but YOU GOTTA. After painting our names, I drove to San Gabriel to have breakfast/lunch at Daikokuya, a Japanese ramen restaurant.