Week 7 – Artist Interview – Kenita Hale

This week I had the pleasure of viewing Kenita Hale’s artwork “The Afterparty”. Kenita sadly wasn’t there to be interviewed but her art on the other hand was very captivating. Upon walking into the gallery I was exposed to a tent like structure. Inside the darkened tent, there lies faint objects that are illuminated by candle light. The objects displayed seem to be masks or faces of some sort. Kenita’s art is supposedly created in honor of the circus performers who normally don’t get the same recognition as “normal” people. The way Kenita honors the circus performers is very interesting to me. Instead of giving the performers a normal memorial, Kenita displays the performers in a unique light, something that is still dark and somewhat scary. The scene she creates is the most interesting part of her art since it comes off mysterious and a little bit like a scare maze. Kenita’s art was certainly something I’d like to see again, it is definitely festive towards Halloween!



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