Week 8 – Classmate Interview – Steven Le

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Steven Le. I met Steven through a mutual friend, Mimi Ly. Steven went to the same high school as Mimi, La Quinta. Steven and I have actually go though tons of stuff together so I guess you can call us blood brothers 🙂 In week 7, we ventured down tho Venice Beach Art Walls to tag our names! Steven is currently a freshman, 18, attending CSULB and majoring in Pre-Computer Engineering. Steven’s favorite food is pasta, he doesn’t really have a favorite type of pasta so I guess its safe to assume he likes all pasta, doesn’t discriminate on food, i like that in a person 😀 Steven’s favorite book is Tipping point by- Malcolm Gladwell ,he don’t really watch movies , and Tom and Jerry is his favorite tv show. Steven is also ranked Diamond V on League of Legends which is really cool cus he can carry me, since I really really really suck at League. Steven is really chill and doesn’t really talk much but then again he’s a freshman and all freshmen don’t really talk much. Hopefully I get to open him up more cus hes seems really down to earth~



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