Week 12 – Activity Feedback

My three favorite art activities this semester:
Kickstarter (Art Funding)- This was one of my favorite activities since I was able to go out and check out the Kickstarter Festival which was really cool. Looking at all the creative ideas was really interesting, you could see first hand the ideas of the artist and their work in one place.

Plaster Sculpture (Sculpture)- this activity was definitely a good excuse to go to the beach!
Venice Beach (Painting)- Spray painting on public walls, what more is there to say?!?
My three least favorite art activities this semester:
Vlogging- getting in front of a camera and talking is hard enough. .
Identity Art- dressing differently was quite hard since I choose to dress like a gangster.
Relational Aesthetics- I don’t really pay on instagram so this was kind of annoying…

Feedback on class: I think art110 is one of my favorite classes I have taken at CSULB. The class is really laid back and the environment is very open.

What could make it better: creaming down the air conditioning in the University Theater. . It’s really cold sometimes.


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