Week 13 – Classmate Interview – Quynh Ong


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Quynh Ong. Quynh is currently a freshman attending CSULB who is majoring in film. I believe Quynh is Vietnamese though I could be wrong. Being a quarter Vietnamese, I find her last name to be very interesting. Ong means “grandfather” in Vietnamese. Her last name doesn’t seem very common.. I first met Quynh on a CollegeBeat set where they were filming an episode for their Thanksgiving special. Quynh worked the camera and another art110 classmate , Nicole Ilagan, managed the set. I also asked Quynh about her short film which was presented earlier during the semester; which hasn’t been released yet. Quynh said that It would be released soon, I forget when she said it would be out.. Quynh is very quiet, quiet isn’t a bad thing though. She’s probably secretly a very loud person once you get to know her. Quiet people are also very mysterious and interesting. I hope to get to know Quynh better!


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