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Week 12 – Activity – Teach One

This week’s art activity required us to teach one of our prior art activities to someone. This week, I decided to teach my sister how to spray paint her name on the Venice Beach Public Art Walls.

20141011_124709 IMG_1055



Week 11 – Activity – Do It Yourself


This week’s art activity had us choose our own activity to so. For this week’s activity, I decided to rewatch a Chinese film called Shaolin. The first time I watched this film, i didn’t really know what was going on since it was in Chinese and there were no subtitles. This second time watching the film, I was able to watch it with subtitles so i understood what was going on. The film depicts a warlord/general who is extremely powerful in his province. Under the warlord/general is his captain. What happens in the film is that the Captain tries to overthrow the general with a coup d’etat. The general loses his daughter in the process and this causes his wife to leave him since she no longer has any reason to stay with him. The warlord then takes refuge in a Shaolin temple. The warlord who has lost everything in the world now has to live with Shaolin monks who he in a prior time tried to take their land. The monks don’t really want to shelter him but they have to forgive his sins because that is in their philosophy. The warlord’s former Captain later is seen trying to invade the Shaolin temple to try and take over the land as well as trying to kill the former warlord. In the end, the Shaolin monks are able to defeat the Captain and his troops but the Captain and the warlord are caught in a burning building with the captain trying to hold for his on a ledge. The warlord saves the captain and tells the captain that everything he has become is because of the warlord’s teachings. The warlord is the one to blame for the Captain’s anarchy and rage.

After watching this film for a second time, it has become on of my favorites. At first i thought it was another Chinese Kung-fu movie but it isn’t . This film has a very deep meaning, It teaches you about life and how your own actions can influence so many people around you. It also teaches you to forgive.

I really admire the way this film was made, it depicts the human spirit very well, every aspect of this film enhances the philosophy of the Shaolin Buddhists and their true teachings. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to learn from this film, this film basically preaches the fundamental teaching of most religions, forgiving others for their sins, no matter how terrible, and helping them find an understanding in their life, when that is found, they will be able to know how to change themselves.

Week 10 – Activity – Photography

This week’s activity required us to imagine a reality where you could die the way you want. For my “fake death” i choose the honorable path of seppuku. Suicide is a terrible thing but in ancient Japanese culture, it is a very honorable way to die on the battlefield instead of falling into the hands of the enemy. In reality i wouldn’t choose seppuku since i don’t think i’d want to stab myself and leave a bloody mess for someone to clean up but since this is imaginary, why not…




Week 8 – Activity – ePortfolio

This week in art class we had to create an ePortfolio about ourselves. I didn’t change my blog layout since I liked that way it looked to begin with. I recatgorized all my posts into Artist Interviews, Classmate Interviews, and Activities to make it easier to search. I don’t really have a target audience so I supposed this is just a fun blog to express myself. I decided to write an my “about” page for other art 110 students to cheat off of and get quick info hahaah.. I really have no idea what to do with my blog page, i guess i’ll figure something out the longer i have this..

Week 7 – Activity – Painting

This week’s activity involved spray painting our names in bubble letters. On Saturday, Denzel Belleza, Steven Le, an I carpooled down to the Venice Beach to paint our signatures into the Venice Beach Art Walls. The journey there was quite painful, we a met at around 10:30 AM and from then I drove to find a Home Depot to get some spray paint. After that, we headed down to Venice Beach. The drive to Venice was pretty boring since I was starving but we made it! Parking at Venice Beach was almost like a hustle. I was pretty exhausted from driving so I just picked some random parking lot to park and the price they listed was $25!. I was like HELLLL NAWWWWW, F*CK THAT. I got back in my car and drove behind the alley right around the corner right there was another parking lot right next to the beach that only charged $10. RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, A $15 PRICE DIFFERENCE..SMH…. Anyways, we finally made it the the Venice Beach Art Walls and did some scribbles. I painted my name twice.. cus the first time i painted my name it looked like crap… the second time i painted it, it still looked like crap… GG…im not cut out for this life HAAHAHAHAH… It was still really cool to see all the tags people have made. I felt really bad for having to spray over other people’s tags but YOU GOTTA. After painting our names, I drove to San Gabriel to have breakfast/lunch at Daikokuya, a Japanese ramen restaurant.