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Week 15 – Classmate Interview – Nicole llagan

This week I met Nicole! I actually met nicole a few weeks back during one of her filming sets for the schools video episodes. I met Nicole and Quynh at the same time so that was really cool.  Nicole is also from my astronomy class which is also really cool!  Nicole is from orange county and an alumni of Troy High School. Nicole is also an aspiring film major with a minor in marketing. I really want to learn more about Nicole, too bad this semester is almost over 😦


Week 13 – Classmate Interview – Quynh Ong


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Quynh Ong. Quynh is currently a freshman attending CSULB who is majoring in film. I believe Quynh is Vietnamese though I could be wrong. Being a quarter Vietnamese, I find her last name to be very interesting. Ong means “grandfather” in Vietnamese. Her last name doesn’t seem very common.. I first met Quynh on a CollegeBeat set where they were filming an episode for their Thanksgiving special. Quynh worked the camera and another art110 classmate , Nicole Ilagan, managed the set. I also asked Quynh about her short film which was presented earlier during the semester; which hasn’t been released yet. Quynh said that It would be released soon, I forget when she said it would be out.. Quynh is very quiet, quiet isn’t a bad thing though. She’s probably secretly a very loud person once you get to know her. Quiet people are also very mysterious and interesting. I hope to get to know Quynh better!

Week 11 – Classmate Interview – Anna Joy Floresca


This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Anna Joy Floresca. Anna is currently a freshman from Lakewood, California majoring in pre-nursing. Anna is quite an interesting character, she loves reading and listening to alternative music. Her favorite book is The Alchemist. I haven’t heard of it but it sounds pretty interesting. Anna’s hobbies include playing The Sims 3, watching Korean dramas, and working on her art journal. Anna wants to travel to New Zealand one day. She really wants to try out “zorbing”. Apparently zorbing is an activity where you roll down the hill in an orb that’s generally made of plastic. Anna asked me what animal I would be if i could be an animal, i choose a falcon. I asked Anna which animal she’d choose to be, she choose to be an swan. She then tells me how sometimes she feels like she is an ugly ducking “personality wise”. I didn’t quite understand what an ugly ducking personality type was so i asked her to elaborate. Anna says “They’re kind of shy, but they’re very nice. Kind of like late bloomers idk exactly how to explain it but the idea is like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly- there’s still lots of growing and maturing that needs to happen.” Her animal sure put mines to shame… hahahaha…. I could tell Anna sure put a lot of thought into her answer. I then told her one day she’ll evolve into her spirit animal… (digimon reference). Apparently Anna got the reference 😛 Anyways Anna Joy Floresca is definitely someone you’d want to interview next, even though we were both really tired when interviewing each other, I’m glad I was late to class and asked her for an interview 😀

Week 10 – Classmate Interview – Fahad Hassan

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing a fellow classmate by the name of Fahad Hassan. Hassan is currently a sophomore at CSULB majoring in Business (accounting). Currently Hassan is only taking classes 2 days a week which is really, really, really lucky. What’s also interesting is that he also works at LAX. Hassan works in the customs department which is the place everyone goes after arriving from another country. Hassan has met a lot of celebrities as a customs worker. I think its really cool to be able to see celebrities at your work.  Hassan is a really chill guy, i hope to talk to him more this semester 🙂IMG_3100

Week 9 – Classmate Interview – Marlene Gonzalez

This week I interviewed Marlene Gonzalez. Marlene is currently a 3rd year majoring in Child Development. She is an aspiring preschool teacher. Marlene doesn’t really have any hobbies and doesn’t really do much in her spare time. She does like to hang out with her friends. Marlene is a mix of Mexican and Guatemalan. She is also a commuter from Downey. Marlene is probably the second junior ive met in art class so that is also pretty cool~


Week 8 – Classmate Interview – Steven Le

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Steven Le. I met Steven through a mutual friend, Mimi Ly. Steven went to the same high school as Mimi, La Quinta. Steven and I have actually go though tons of stuff together so I guess you can call us blood brothers 🙂 In week 7, we ventured down tho Venice Beach Art Walls to tag our names! Steven is currently a freshman, 18, attending CSULB and majoring in Pre-Computer Engineering. Steven’s favorite food is pasta, he doesn’t really have a favorite type of pasta so I guess its safe to assume he likes all pasta, doesn’t discriminate on food, i like that in a person 😀 Steven’s favorite book is Tipping point by- Malcolm Gladwell ,he don’t really watch movies , and Tom and Jerry is his favorite tv show. Steven is also ranked Diamond V on League of Legends which is really cool cus he can carry me, since I really really really suck at League. Steven is really chill and doesn’t really talk much but then again he’s a freshman and all freshmen don’t really talk much. Hopefully I get to open him up more cus hes seems really down to earth~


Week 7 – Classmate Interview – Kevin Kwon

This week I interviewed fellow classmate Kevin Kwon. Kevin is currently a undeclared junior attending CSULB but plans on majoring in Engineering. Kevin is from the Cerritos area and a graduate of Cypress High School. Kevin, like most students that attend CSULB is a commuter. Commuting can be pretty gruesome at times but Cerritos isn’t that far.. that parking is what kills you.. haha.. Kevin enjoys working out and lifting weights.