Week 3 – Artist Interview – Patricia Rangel

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing artist: Patricia Rangel aka “Tricia”. Tricia grew up in a loosely populated town known as Dinuba in the Central Valley of California. This town has has a very strong influence towards Tricia’s work. A lot of her displayed art has deep connections to her memories of her town and her experiences. My favorite piece of art from Tricia has to be her piece called “A racehorse that has never won a race”. Physically, this piece consists of around 50 brass links and one 14k gold link. At first, this may not be of any significance but after talking with Tricia, I learned that each link honors every baby buried at Smith Mountain Cemetery which is in her home town. The one gold link honors her sister. I ask Tricia how many links there really are and she tells me that as of right now it contains around fifty but this piece is still incomplete. There are still links to be added on. I really liked how each piece of Tricia’s had such deep meaning even though at first they may not have any meaning. Tricia’s art is by far my favorite so far!

Patricial E. Rangel




Week 2 – Activity – Instagram

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Left to Right ( raachelpengamgart110jessicaflores1994)

In this week’s activity we are supposed to take pictures during a 24 hour period and upload them to instagram using hashtag art110f14. Instagram is an app that allows users to share their lives with followers of the world nearly instantly. I choose the three pictures above because of their differences. The first photo shows a beach setting where the individuals probably spent some part of the day at the beach relaxing. The second picture shows an a person who probably went to In – N – Out and visited the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro. The third picture shows an individual driving with her best friend on her lap. All this pictures are in essence a moment of the day instantly uploaded and shared. The connection between these photos is almost insignificant. The insignificant of these pictures is the point.. even though people are at some point in the day interacting with each other, they are also going to be living different lives. We may be sitting in a lecture hall from 4:30 to 5 but from 5-6 we may all be out experiencing the world very differently from on another. What this activity has shown me is how very different every single on of us are. We all live together on one dimension but in reality everyone’s reality is different.

Week 2 – Classmate Interview – Greg Violan

Week 2 of Classmate Interview has brought me to a local resident of Long Beach: Greg Violan. I learn from Greg that he is an alumni of the local high school Long Beach Polytechnic. The significance of that is astronomical since I am also a local resident! This means we could hang out and eat and stuff! (probably not, Greg is too cool for me). Anyways Greg is attending California State Long Beach as a sophomore and majoring in computer science. Greg really loves computers and he likes to build his own rigs. I learn from Greg that we also share a common interest, we both like to play computer games which is totally awesome. Anyways Greg is a cool guy who i hope to talk to more next week or something since obviously i havn’t learned enough about him. See you Greg 🙂

(Greg is the handsome chap on the right, i’m the funky kid on the left ^^)

learn more about Greg!!!: http://gregviolan.com/



Week 2 – GLAMFA Artist – Christina Lee

This week’s tour of the Greater LA MFA Exhibition brought me to another interesting art piece. This art piece depicts cloth threaded together in a simple fashion and then taped to the wall. At first glance i didn’t notice anything special about this piece. After tilting my head, squinting, and blurring my eyes with my fingers, i still couldn’t understand the artist’s intention… This is one of the reasons i picked this piece. It had that double wow factor that Ava Porter also gave me. Before leaving the Greater LA MFA Exhibition, i snapped a picture for reference so i could find more details later. After reading Christina Lee’s statement online, i finally understood the artist’s intention. Christina was trying to show the simplicity of the world though the materials she used. She also states how art can be interpreted differently in eat person. This art piece didn’t speak to me in any way. It was only after understanding the artist did i understand the piece of art.

Christina Lee





Week 1 – Classmate Interview – Evan Huang

It was the magical morning of August 28th, 2014 when I met this young chap by the name of Evan Huang. Evan Huang aka my brother from anotha motha is a sophomore in CSULB. He is currently majoring in CRIMINAL JUSTICE! Like many of us, Evan is a commuter to CSULB from Pasadena/Arcadia. This past summer Evan has ventured to the mystical parts of Taiwan! Evan and I both share a common similarity, we are both Asian Americans!! Even though we are both asian Americans,  I’m way more white washed than he is.. I’m what what you call a twinkie… haha.. yellow on the outside and white on the inside. . Anywho, Evan likes doing outdoorsies
stuff and he also teaches tennis! Evan and I ended our bro date with BOBA at the food trucks that were on campus!!

Shout out to Evan Huang if you’re reading this,  ily bro~ till next time!


Week 1 – GLAMFA Artist – Ava Porter

What is art? Some may say art is the essence of human consciousness that is captured in a physical form in things such paintings, sculptures, media, ideas… Art can be interpreted multiple ways, for me I’d like to say art is slightly comparable to a Rorschach Test aka an ink blot test. Art speaks to people differently despite what the artist may be trying to express.

On August 28th, 2014 roughly 11:15 am I had the pleasure of attending the Greater LA MFA Exhibition hosted in CSULB. In the exhibition there were many pieces of art on display yet only a few pieces had that wow factor. Out of the few that had the wow factor,  only one piece gave me the DOUBLE WOW factor. This piece was called “Grandfather” by Ava Porter.  This piece literally left me thinking “wow!!, what the hell is this supposed to be?!”

My interpretation of the piece:
The artist was trying to express through her sculpture how age can still be relevant in a newer period. The oldness of the wood was important for its uses during a different era and even now it support and help.. I believe that’s why she named her sculpture “Grandfather”…

Ava Porter