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Week 15 – Artist Interview – Troy Rounseville


This week’s exhibit was quite cool, I got to walk inside a mirror room. The exhibit brought to us by Troy displayed a ton of instruments that were hooked up to speakers. At the center of the room was another room furnished completely with mirrors. This room felt like something out of a circus.  The first thought that came to me was “dang I wished there was lasers in here, that would sooooo cool!!” That would definitely be a trip hahaha. I like how Troy integrated so many senses into his art, it is really unique seeing as well as hearing the art piece. It makes the experience a lot more intereting!


Week 13 – Classmate Interview – Quynh Ong


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Quynh Ong. Quynh is currently a freshman attending CSULB who is majoring in film. I believe Quynh is Vietnamese though I could be wrong. Being a quarter Vietnamese, I find her last name to be very interesting. Ong means “grandfather” in Vietnamese. Her last name doesn’t seem very common.. I first met Quynh on a CollegeBeat set where they were filming an episode for their Thanksgiving special. Quynh worked the camera and another art110 classmate , Nicole Ilagan, managed the set. I also asked Quynh about her short film which was presented earlier during the semester; which hasn’t been released yet. Quynh said that It would be released soon, I forget when she said it would be out.. Quynh is very quiet, quiet isn’t a bad thing though. She’s probably secretly a very loud person once you get to know her. Quiet people are also very mysterious and interesting. I hope to get to know Quynh better!

Week 13 – Artist Interview – Jeff Dulla


This week in the art galleries, i got to look at Jeff Dulla’s artwork. His artwork is very colorful and abstract. I was quite surprised by this week’s art pieces, they were all very colorful and Jeff’s work in particular is very detailed. His artwork gives off a feeling that it is lively. You can feel the movements in the pictures he paints. I would definitely want to buy his artwork if i had enough money.

Week 12 – Activity Feedback

My three favorite art activities this semester:
Kickstarter (Art Funding)- This was one of my favorite activities since I was able to go out and check out the Kickstarter Festival which was really cool. Looking at all the creative ideas was really interesting, you could see first hand the ideas of the artist and their work in one place.

Plaster Sculpture (Sculpture)- this activity was definitely a good excuse to go to the beach!
Venice Beach (Painting)- Spray painting on public walls, what more is there to say?!?
My three least favorite art activities this semester:
Vlogging- getting in front of a camera and talking is hard enough. .
Identity Art- dressing differently was quite hard since I choose to dress like a gangster.
Relational Aesthetics- I don’t really pay on instagram so this was kind of annoying…

Feedback on class: I think art110 is one of my favorite classes I have taken at CSULB. The class is really laid back and the environment is very open.

What could make it better: creaming down the air conditioning in the University Theater. . It’s really cold sometimes.

Week 12 – Classmate Interview – Savannah Cheung


(Me, Savannah Cheung, Denzel Belleza)

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Savannah Cheung. Savannah is currently a undeclared freshman attending CSULB. I ask Savannah where she is from and she says “San Gabriel”. I was pretty mean and told her that San Gabriel is really hot and there nothing really to do besides eating delicious Chinese food and drinking boba milk teas. San Gabriel is pretty far so Savannah currently dorms at Parkside which is awesome, I always wanted to dorm… In Savannah’s free time, she likes to listen to music(alternative), hang out with her friends, and play console games(first person shooters); she’s every geek’s dream girl AMIRITE LOL. Anyways, I later ask Savannah what makes her enthusiast about, she say that’s she’s enthusiast about life.. That answer alone tells me almost nothing about Savannah hahaha… but I suppose everyone is enthusiast about life in some ways.. Later, I ask Savannah what ethnicity she is and she says she is a mixture of Chinese and a hint mystery. Mystery being a sparkle of thai and a whole mixture of other ethnicities. I think it’s really cool since in also half Chinese. Anyways Savannah is pretty chill and down to earth, meet her!

Week 12 – Artist Interview – Angie Samblotte


This week at CSULB’S art gallery, I was able to view Angie Samblotte and Lacy McCune’s gallery, Taking my Time in the Paradigm. Angie Samblotte’s art pieces consists of the works titled Banana Peelings, The Red Bell Pepper, Cabbage Saviour, and etc.. There were a lot of Lacy McCune’s art work but my favorite was Five Million Year Friend. Lacy and Angie’s artwork is based around the idea that everything changes. Their philosophy is to slow down and see the beauty in the mundane things. I think Lacy’s art piece, Five Million Year Friend, really portrays their idea in the most blunt way. The piece depicts stalagmites which are rock formations that takes thousands of years to form since it is created from a drip process. The formations are beautiful throughout every second it takes to form. The process itself is really mindblowing. The message behind Angie and Lacy’s artwork is very meaningful which is why I picked it as my favorite this week.