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Week 12 – Activity – Teach One

This week’s art activity required us to teach one of our prior art activities to someone. This week, I decided to teach my sister how to spray paint her name on the Venice Beach Public Art Walls.

20141011_124709 IMG_1055



Week 7 – Activity – Painting

This week’s activity involved spray painting our names in bubble letters. On Saturday, Denzel Belleza, Steven Le, an I carpooled down to the Venice Beach to paint our signatures into the Venice Beach Art Walls. The journey there was quite painful, we a met at around 10:30 AM and from then I drove to find a Home Depot to get some spray paint. After that, we headed down to Venice Beach. The drive to Venice was pretty boring since I was starving but we made it! Parking at Venice Beach was almost like a hustle. I was pretty exhausted from driving so I just picked some random parking lot to park and the price they listed was $25!. I was like HELLLL NAWWWWW, F*CK THAT. I got back in my car and drove behind the alley right around the corner right there was another parking lot right next to the beach that only charged $10. RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, A $15 PRICE DIFFERENCE..SMH…. Anyways, we finally made it the the Venice Beach Art Walls and did some scribbles. I painted my name twice.. cus the first time i painted my name it looked like crap… the second time i painted it, it still looked like crap… GG…im not cut out for this life HAAHAHAHAH… It was still really cool to see all the tags people have made. I felt really bad for having to spray over other people’s tags but YOU GOTTA. After painting our names, I drove to San Gabriel to have breakfast/lunch at Daikokuya, a Japanese ramen restaurant.